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We are team of 2 who share a common love for baby wearing
Puja - Mother to a toddler and a baby wearing consultant. She is been wearing her little one since he was a baby and continues to do so even now when he is in a big boy league. As a nuclear family in the city without much family support, it gave her independence to carry on with life and to do basic everyday activities. These and many more reasons encouraged her to participate in the baby wearing consultant course.
Priya - Mother to a just turned toddler and a qualified nutritionist. Baby wearing decision was a lifestyle decision for her as she knew how beneficial it was for a smooth breastfeeding journey along with so many other amazing benefits that it had to offer. She's been wearing her baby since he was 4.5 mths and continues to do so now too. 
We design and manufacture our wovens at a small charitable handloom centre. A large part of the proceeds from our order is used as a sponsorship fee,to educate the young aspiring weaver's that work on our project designs, apart from getting to practice their skills. 
They also get an opportunity to learn english and entrepreneurship at the centre, to help the dying art of handlooms accessible to a larger audience, post graduation. 
We currently manufacture ring slings and wraps, and working on perfecting more products, that we hope to launch soon.
Our fabric is yarn dyed with azo free dyes, is tested for
* ( ASTM 5035D tensile testing)  weight bearing capacity upto 40kg/88 lbs, and *  Seam strength test clearance of 75kg /160lbs.
* ( ISO 105:C10) We have also cleared color fastness and fabric reaction test, scoring 4-5 (good-excellent) 
With the help of the BCIA, our products are ASTM compliant and manufactured keeping industry best practices in mind.

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We do not have any retail outlet yet and all our sales happen through our online store.